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We offer the equestrian arena footing fibers-only product in three sizes:

» Single Bales of Equestrian Arena Footing Fibers = app. 300 kg (662 Lbs.)
» Full Loaded Pallets – 3 Bales  = app. 900 kg (1,984 Lbs.)
» Full Containers – 20 loaded pallets in a 40 foot container shipped directly from the manufacturing plant to your door = app. 6,000 Kilograms (39,680 Lbs.)

You may order any quantity of full bales. Example: if you need seven bales, we will ship one pallet with three bales and two pallets with two bales each.

Delivery Costs …

We ship the Full Loaded Pallets and Single Bales only from our Midwest warehouse.

We are able to ship large quantities either from our Midwest warehouse or … in order to avoid double-shipping costs … we also offer factory-direct forty foot containers to your door

Ask us which option is best for your project.

Get a price quote with delivery schedule, freight shipping.

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There are 60 bales in one full truckload, any more and we will work out a custom quote for you.

Comments are required. Please tell us a little about your equestrian arena project, such as indoor or outdoor or covered, are you looking for a cost-effective "try it out first" footing project using your existing sand ... or would you like some very sound advice regarding Sand Profiles and Sources in North America, what is the primary riding discipline/style of this arena, will this arena be used exclusively for your primary discipline and therefore optimized for that discipline ... or should it be designed to maximize one riding style while also being "very good" for a variety of other riding disciplines, usage ... is this arena typically used heavily/daily/often/sporadically, do you require professional consulte/advice regarding the exactly correct Sand Profile and the Correct Sand Sourcing/purchasing guidelines from the European School of Footing Sciences, your suggestions or anything else which you deem may be relevant to the product which BEFF® provides, etc: (required)

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